Customers of xVision purchased by direct sale (via PayPal) can download distribution archive (version 1.02) here:

Download unofficial xVision 1.20 beta 3 for X-Plane 11.30 beta 6, beta 7, Release Candidate 1 here:

All purchased keys are valid for all versions of xVision.

xVision now supports X-Plane 11.26 (old stable 11.21, 11.25 have a limited support).

Please keep in mind that the further functionality of the tool is fully dependent on new X-Plane versions functionality.

One of significant part of xVision (shader tweaks) based on undocumented and unsupported X-Plane interface. Shaders are "bleeding edge" technology and may be changed by developers with next release of X-Plane in an arbitrary manner. Such changes may cause one or even all shader tweaks malfunction. may be useful for some details.

Please take this into account when considering purchasing/using xVision.