Please keep in mind that the further functionality of the tool is fully dependent on new X-Plane versions functionality.

One of significant part of xVision (shader tweaks) based on undocumented and unsupported X-Plane interface. Shaders are "bleeding edge" technology and may be changed by developers with next release of X-Plane in an arbitrary manner. Such changes may cause one or even all shader tweaks malfunction. may be useful for some details.

Please take this into account when considering purchasing/using xVision.

xVision 2.0 Vulkan edition is available as a new product on Simmarket with a special upgrade price for legacy product owners.

Activation keys from legacy xVision versions 1.02-1.50 are not valid for xVision 2.00. Activation keys for xVision 2.00 are valid for all products including legacy.

Customers purchased xVision via PayPal in 2018 please contact us using contact form . (Put any number to Order#).

Owners of activation keys can download distribution archives below.
(Please read release and installation notes before using: What's new, User manual)

Current product

VersionLink to archive
xVision 2.03 for using with X-Plane

Legacy products

VersionLink to archive
xVision 1.02 for using with X-Plane
xVision 1.41 for using with X-Plane
xVision 1.50 for using with X-Plane 11.50+ (without shader tweaking)