Frequently asked questions

1.Is xVision compatible with xEnviro?

xEnviro takes control over atmosphere parameters, sky colors, scattering, lights and light parameters. All tweaks from xVision that manage those parameters are not applicable (just overrided by xEnviro).
Postprocessing, water, terrain and miscellaneus tweaks can be used together.

2.Is xVision compatible with FlyWithLua plugin?

Yes, completely. xVision may help you to manage/use various fantastic Lua scripts made by X-Plane community.
BTW, if you still don't have FlyWithLua, it's highly recommended to be installed. It's a genuine gem in X-Plane world. You need FlyWithLua complete edition or FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) Edition. ;)

3.Can I use xVision without FlyWithLua plugin?

Yes, you can. FlyWithLua is not necessary, but if you are going to use xVision solutions made with integrated Lua scripts, you need this plugin.

4.Is xVision compatible with Reshade? Can I use xVision without Reshade?

Yes and yes. xVision has a dozen Reshade-style postprocessing effects (like Sepia, Curves, ...) and these effects run in native X-Plane render, while Reshade using hacks of system OpenGL libs.
If your Reshade setup consists only of those post-processing effects, you can use effects in xVision and uninstall Reshade. If not (Reshade is extremely powerful and full of impressive effects that not exist in xVision) - you can use Reshade and xVision together.
There are many Reshade presets available in a community. They consist of reshade shaders (*.fx files) and shaders parameters (.ini files) which can be installed in the main X-Plane directory. With xVision resources manager you can add these objects (reshade shaders and tunes) as the usual parts of xVision solution. Like other resources in xVision.

5.Is xVision compatible with Ultra Weather XP?

Yes, but with a few reservations. UWXP is a set of incredible texture resources (sky colors, clouds, glares, water, etc.) that can be used as a resource in xVision. In some cases, support UWXP plugin may use internal private X-Plane data to make all goodies viewed as an integrated entity. That’s why, if you use FlyWithLua scripts that affect the same internal data in your xVision solutions, these scripts may not work the usual way.

6.Is xVision compatible with Active Sky XP?


7. Do I need start xVision and apply solution every time before flying?

You don't need start xVision tool every time you start virtual flight. After applying solution the tool makes persistent modifications in shader files and resources which are used by X-Plane later. But keep in mind that every time you need to use new solution, you need to close sim, apply solution with the tool and then start X-Plane.

8. I have a massive FPS drop while using solutions Classic_for_Lua.xvs or Impressive_for_Lua.xvs while using XP 11.21-11.26

Open in resource manager script "xV_Classic - summary script" ("xV_Impressive - summary script").
find the strings:
set("sim/private/controls/clouds/shadow_size", 8192.0) --no-shadow-flickering
set("sim/private/controls/fbo/shadow_cam_size", 8192.0) --jagged shadows
and change 8192.0 to 1024.0 or 2048.0.
Save changes and apply solution again.
(8192.0 is for high-level videocards).

9. Why my Lua scripts stop working?

1. Please refer to "8. xVision user interface. Working with solutions." chapter:
"Activate scripts in exclusive mode" switch (if it's ON) in Resources & Scripts section allows you to disable all existing FlyWithLua scripts before solution applying.
Disabled scripts still remain in FlyWithLua script catalog, but their extensions change from "lua" to "~lua" (and FlyWithLua plugin ignores them).
To predict what will happen with already installed Lua scripts after solution applying, use "View details" button on the right next to the "Activate scripts in exclusive mode" switch.
Impressive_for_Lua and Classic_for_Lua solutions contain internal script and activated exclusive mode.
So you can switch this off or put your scripts into solution.

2. Please keep in mind that solutions with "_Lua" suffix may be used only with FlyWithLua Complete edition or FlyWithLua NG (Next Generation) Edition (not FlyWithLua Core edition).

10. Is your program working for X-plane's native VR

Yes, all post-processing effects and shader alterations offered by xVision work in Virtual Reality.